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Here’s the best stuff to start with. If I were to explain myself and my OCD condition to others, and the condition of OCD to others, this is what I’d say:

1. What It Is like Living with the Pure-O Type of OCD
2. Pure-O OCD Explained in a Paragraph
3. Rewinding Time
4. This Is the Third Article About My T-Shirts Not Fitting
5. My OCD Is Not Quirky, I Am Ailing
6. A How-To Guide on Dealing with Those with OCD

Now everything, pure OCD:

A Complete Shift in Life and Blog Focus, Ongoing
My OCD Does Not Define Me
5 Things I Wish Others Knew About My Social Anxiety
You Don’t Need to Be Motivated
This Is Where I Go on About Taking a Break
Don’t Self-Dismiss Your Mental Health Issues
Letting Things Be Wrong
OCD and Embracing Laziness
Moving Beyond OCD, Just Once
This Is Your Struggle
Don’t Compare Yourself to Others’ OCD
Challenging OCD Through Social Norms
OCD Goes in Waves
How to Avoid the Rabbit Hole of OCD Self-Anger
Just Saying No
I Would like to Change the Focus of This Blog
OCD Episode: Writing a Check
3 Reasons I Don’t Write down My Moods
Sometimes You Just Need to Make It Through the Week
With OCD, Everything Is Work
Here Are More Sayings I Obsess Over
On Obsessiveness
OCD and Tinnitus Maybe
My OCD Forces Me to Write for Quantity Not Quality
OCD and Depression
OCD Episode: Don’t Touch My Stuff
OCD and Tattoos
Writing to Myself
OCD Rituals Sometimes Just Feel Good and Nothing Else
How My OCD Rates Things on a Scale of 1 to 10
OCD Episode: The Last Item on the Grocery Store Shelf
How I Combat the Buyer’s Remorse of OCD
Forced Relaxation and Temporary Removal from OCD and Anxiety
How My OCD Makes It Impossible to Say What I Feel
I Am Obsessed with How Deep My Vocabulary Is
OCD Episode: Gabapentin and Steroids
How My OCD Makes All of the Past Depressing
OCD Thoughts Amid a Hurricane
Epic OCD Episode: I Knew My Shirt Would Turn Pink!
Every Word Matters
3 Ways I Embrace the Placebo Effect with My OCD
I Can’t Get out of Bed. For No Reason.
My Chair Broke: How My OCD Reacts in 7 Parts
I’m Not Wrong, This Isn’t All OCD
OCD Episode: Milk
I Have OCD. Am I Crazy?
Trying to Take a Break with OCD
I Only Do What I’m Supposed to Do
When My OCD Is a Waste of My Time, Life
So I Wrote My Own Accounting System
Variety and Novelty with OCD
OCD Flare-Ups (And a Politician from PA)
How I Deal with Appointments
OCD (Obsession) and the Amplification of Mistrust
OCD Episode: You Dropped Something, Mister!
Random (Resonant) Anxiety and OCD
Even with OCD, I Have All the Trust in the World In…
The Art of Ignoring for Mental Wellbeing
The Circular Logic of Karma and OCD
Why Risk It?
OCD Episode: Brushing One’s Hand Along Fabric
Small Degrees of OCD (I’m so OCD!)
My OCD Explained by My Obsession with the Numbers 111 and 110
I Quite Literally Fear I Will Use up All of My Containers
Mood (OCD Maybe, Mostly Mood)
An OCD Adventure with Antibiotics
My Calendar Is a Window into My OCD Thinking
All of the Things I Thought About on Vacation
OCD Doesn’t Care If I Am Sick
My OCD Has Something to Say About String Cheese
OCD vs. Phobia and Fear
OCD Episode: Anhedonia
Ways in Which I Avoid Change, Which My OCD Demands
OCD and Anxiety Medication Dosage Reduction
My Brain Is Not Making Any Sense to Itself
I Have a Right to Be Happy
I Don’t Feel Safe Being Optimistic
OCD Episode: Why Is Everything Right and Happy?
OCD and Leftovers
The Many Flavors of Down Moods
I Dream of Living in a Mess
OCD and the Dreaded $100 Bill
What I Don’t like About Writing a Blog
OCD Episode: Music I Did Not Ask to Listen To
Why Buying Online Is Torture with OCD
What It Is like Living with the Pure-O Type of OCD
Why I Get Offended Easily
Pure-O OCD Explained in a Paragraph
OCD Medications Work (But You’ll Have to Try a Handful)
Principles of My Life (Final Draft?)
A Holiday Break from the Action
What If I Am the One Who Created My OCD?
OCD Episode: Who Am I Writing For?
My OCD in My Childhood
Going About Reassessing My OCD
Reassessing My OCD and My OCD Blog
OCD Episode: Mania and Then Absolutely Not Mania
My Obsessive and Compulsive Caffeine Quandary
The Wonderfully Unrealistic Construct of the Dreams of Accident OCD
How My OCD (Almost) Led to Bulimia
Fine, Here’s a Complete Run-Down of My 48-Towel System
The Mental Perfection Achieved by Washing Dishes
OCD Episode: I Screwed up and Made Everything Right
Writing a Blog with a Mental Disorder Is…
I’m Three Years Better This Month
They Say: If It Makes You Happy It Is Not OCD
1:10; 1:12 (not 1:11)
5 Seemingly Benign Things My OCD Makes Me Anxious About
This Is the Third Article About My T-Shirts Not Fitting
My Fear of Moving Forward Keeps Me Moving Forward
The Hell of Finding out Your OCD Is Right
My OCD Is Not Quirky, I Am Ailing
Stop Thinking My OCD Diagnosis Benefits Me
Compression and Decompression, Only
OCD Episode: Do You Think I Want to Be up at 12:30 AM?
Sometimes I Question If I Have OCD
This Is the Most Meta Post About Writing About OCD on an OCD Blog
Problemlessness: OCD Can Be Awfully Boring
My Obsession with the Fit of Shirts Deserves Another Article
Five Reasons I Dislike Others Not Having OCD
OCD Episode: My Television Broke
I Hate Failure, I Love Failure
Five Reasons I Hide My OCD
OCD Episode: Amidst Toxicity and the Lack of Willingness to Break Things
My Extreme Verbosity Is an Offshoot of My OCD, and I Know It and I Cannot Stop It
My Obsession with the Fit of Shirts Deserves Its Own Article
My Brain Is Full
The OCD Thinking Chain
My Blindness Towards Social Cues
Always to Remember: OCD Is Debilitating
Taking a Road Trip with Someone with OCD
External Factors in the Mitigation of Mental Illness
Nothing Is Fulfilling with OCD
OCD Episode: Where I Literally Overthink a Discarded Dog Toy for Hours.
Taking Compliments with OCD
Controlling the Narrative
A Week in the Life of Someone with Mental Illness
My Paradoxical Obsession with Sunlight
This Is the Worst I’ve Ever Felt, Just like the Other Times I’ve Felt This Way
A Letter to Myself on the Subject of Sleep
OCD Is Not Perfectionism
OCD Episode: Writer’s Block
Imagining OCD, Serial 008
This Is My 111th Article
What It’s Like to Go Shopping With OCD
Friggin’ Fortune Cookies
I’m Selfish and I Want a Lot of Money
A Fixation on Death and Mental Freedom
OCD Episode: It May as Well Be All Bad
Everyone Has a Little Mental Illness
Upon Taking a Break
Faking It: A Convoluted yet Omnipresent Universe
OCD in Times of Trouble – Part One
OCD Episode: 100,000 Words
Your Lonely Universe (I’m Within)
I Need You to Like Me
OCD Episode: Stop Talking!
Incrementalism: a Method of Pure Evil
Why I’m Too Quiet, Why I’m Too Talkative
Driving Is an Anxious Hell so I Don’t
This, a List of Things I Am Done With
I Am Not Lazy, I Think I Am Lazy—My OCD Has Convinced Me So
It Was My Time to Be Committed to a Mental Hospital
These Things Are True
This Blog Does Not Need to Be Perfect, It Is About My OCD
OCD Episode: Others
The False Messages of OCD
Self-Help in the Real World of Impossibilities
Imagining OCD, Serial 007
Sports Fandom and OCD: Or, How to Manufacture an Unsolvable Existential Crisis
Ways in Which You Can Ruin the Day of Someone with OCD
The Hellish but Not Hellish Lack of Something to Obsess Over
Nothing Is Ever Right
A How-To Guide on Dealing with Those with OCD
When There’s No Time for OCD
There’s Really Nothing There.
Ok Dirt
OCD Episode: Patience, as Defined
A Shopping Trip with Someone with OCD
Meandering Existentialism
Where Correlation Is Causation, but Not How You Would Think
A Malformed Orientation of Priorities
An Analysis of “Reflections of My Life” by Marmalade
Off for the Holiday, but I Still Offer! Some Things to Read…
Imagining OCD, Serial 006
Obsessing over the Finite
Trouble in Small Phrases
A List. Of Things. To Do.
On Psychiatric Medication
Because I’m OK
Emotional Minimalism: An Introduction
OCD Episode: Sound
Imagining OCD, Serial 005
The Effort Involved in Starting a Conversation as Someone with OCD
The Mechanisms for Calming Down, and This Article Provides None.
Overanalysis of the Present Self with a Mental Disorder
OCD and New Technology: Stasis
This World Is Not Good, I Am Not Ok
One Thing (Part Two): an Obsession of Happiness Within Scope
Anxiety and OCD: A Story of Diagnosis
OCD Episode: A Decision Made
When Self-Awareness Is a Problem (With Others)
Twenty-Five Things I Do Not like About Those Without OCD
It’s Hard Not Being a Sociopath; And: My Fixation on What People Think of Me
OCD and Technology: Disconnection, Impossible
Imagining Not Very OCD, Serial -001
One Thing
My OCD and Omens
Nobody Should Feel This Way
An OCD Life Worth Living
OCD Episode: Just Survive
Mental Health Medication Prices: How About a Game of Roulette?
This Week in OCD
Mental Illness in the Working World
The Omnipresent Lack of Reason in What I Feel
Imagining OCD, Serial 004
Is Mental Illness Fair?
This Is Really Not an Article
Honesty Is the Worst Policy
OCD Episode: Things Are… Right?
I Follow the Rules Because I Have To
My Bookbag Anxiety
Memory, Trust, and OCD
Imagining OCD, Serial 003
My Relationship with Numbers and Digits
Music Bears Repeating
These Salad Bowls!
How to Deal with Your Psychiatrist
Things My OCD Makes Me Hate About Others (But I Don’t Want To)
The Frustration of the Infinite Sensitivity of the OCD Mind
Let’s Step Back and Hate This Blog Together
Happiness Is a Right
Imagining OCD, Serial 002
OCD Is a Second Career
My Calendar is a Game of Craps
Rewinding Time
If the Mood Strikes (And Here’s How It Does)
Want to Know What Mental Illness Is Like?
Obsessive C_____ Disorder. That’s the Joke.
Houston, I Understand
I Am an Asshole…
Time, Plans, Liquidity, and Hell
Imagining OCD, Serial 001
OCD Episode: It
What Hyper-Awareness Means with OCD
The Destination and the Journey
There’s a Light Out
Of Being a Ghost (in a Machine Not of Your Making)
The Benefits of My Disease, Or: Why You Should Hire Someone with OCD
The (OCD) Brain Creates a Pariah
Twenty-Five Things I Do Not Trust
OCD Episode: Twitch
Ok, Here it is, My OCD (Part One of A Few)
As I Chart The Universe Inside My Head.
The State of Me.
This is Your Welcome Message (Manifesto Coming Later.)