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Here’s the best stuff to start with. If I were to explain myself and my OCD condition to others, and the condition of OCD to others, this is what I’d say:

1. The Frustration of the Infinite Sensitivity of the OCD Mind
2. A How-To Guide on Dealing with Those with OCD
3. The (OCD) Brain Creates a Pariah
4. Memory, Trust, and OCD
5. If the Mood Strikes (And Here’s How It Does)
And one about the characteristic that led to my diagnosis: Rewinding Time

Now everything, pure OCD:

On Psychiatric Medication
Because I’m OK
Emotional Minimalism: An Introduction
OCD Episode: Sound
Imagining OCD, Serial 005
The Effort Involved in Starting a Conversation as Someone with OCD
The Mechanisms for Calming Down, and This Article Provides None.
Overanalysis of the Present Self with a Mental Disorder
OCD and New Technology: Stasis
This World Is Not Good, I Am Not Ok
Everyone Has a Little Mental Illness
One Thing (Part Two): an Obsession of Happiness Within Scope
Anxiety and OCD: A Story of Diagnosis
OCD Episode: A Decision Made
When Self-Awareness Is a Problem (With Others)
Twenty-Five Things I Do Not like About Those Without OCD
It’s Hard Not Being a Sociopath; And: My Fixation on What People Think of Me
OCD and Technology: Disconnection, Impossible
Imagining Not Very OCD, Serial -001
One Thing
My OCD and Omens
Nobody Should Feel This Way
An OCD Life Worth Living
OCD Episode: Just Survive
Mental Health Medication Prices: How About a Game of Roulette?
This Week in OCD
Mental Illness in the Working World
The Omnipresent Lack of Reason in What I Feel
Imagining OCD, Serial 004
A How-To Guide on Dealing with Those with OCD
Is Mental Illness Fair?
This Is Really Not an Article
Honesty Is the Worst Policy
OCD Episode: Things Are… Right?
I Follow the Rules Because I Have To
My Bookbag Anxiety
Memory, Trust, and OCD
Imagining OCD, Serial 003
My Relationship with Numbers and Digits
Music Bears Repeating
These Salad Bowls!
How to Deal with Your Psychiatrist
Things My OCD Makes Me Hate About Others (But I Don’t Want To)
The Frustration of the Infinite Sensitivity of the OCD Mind
Let’s Step Back and Hate This Blog Together
Happiness Is a Right
Imagining OCD, Serial 002
OCD Is a Second Career
My Calendar is a Game of Craps
Rewinding Time
If the Mood Strikes (And Here’s How It Does)
Want to Know What Mental Illness Is Like?
Obsessive C_____ Disorder. That’s the Joke.
Houston, I Understand
I Am an Asshole…
Time, Plans, Liquidity, and Hell
Imagining OCD, Serial 001
OCD Episode: It
What Hyper-Awareness Means with OCD
The Destination and the Journey
There’s a Light Out
Of Being a Ghost (in a Machine Not of Your Making)
The Benefits of My Disease, Or: Why You Should Hire Someone with OCD
The (OCD) Brain Creates a Pariah
Twenty-Five Things I Do Not Trust
OCD Episode: Twitch
Ok, Here it is, My OCD (Part One of A Few)
As I Chart The Universe Inside My Head.
The State of Me.
This is Your Welcome Message (Manifesto Coming Later.)