Fine, Here’s a Complete Run-Down of My 48-Towel System

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I’ve mentioned before that my OCD is not quirky. Though at times I do find a little bit of humor in it. I also wrote about my sometimes-happiness with my OCD. It is to be noted though that on the other side of that humor is a reality that if these things others may see as “quirks” are not perfectly right… it leads to depression, anger, and a host of things that will ruin my day.

That aside, here’s a list of all the towels I have and their purposes. Some towels have a weekly or as-needed rotation with a secondary (exact copy) at the wait, and some stand on their own and just get washed every Saturday morning.

If you want quirky, go with it. Just don’t mess with my towel system. This is a system. It makes me feel good. Truly.

1. Coffee table top towel, living room
2. Large eating towel, living room (keeps clothes free of stray food)
3. Medium face/hands cleaning towel, living room
4. Medium General wipe towel, office (with rotation)
5. Hand drying towel, office (with rotation)
6. Large sweat towel, office (I live where it is hot and do not drive.)
7. Medium face/hands cleaning towel, bedroom (I eat in bed at times)
8, 9. Coffee station towel, kitchen (x2) (black, so no stains are seen)
10, 11. Medium hand wipe towels, lower sink, kitchen (x2) (with rotation)
12. Medium counter-cleaning towel, lower sink, kitchen (with rotation)
13. Medium Hand drying towel, kitchen (with rotation)
14. Medium Dish drying towel, kitchen (with rotation)
15. Dirt-ok rag, kitchen (with rotation)
16. Large face towel, bathroom
17. Hair drying towel, bathroom
18. Large body towel, bathroom (with three-times rotation)
19. Small unclean-part-of-body towel, bathroom (with ten-times rotation)
20. Large shaving towel for the top of the sink, bathroom
21. Medium post-shave face towel, bathroom
22. Small general purpose dirt towels, bathroom (with eight-times rotation)

So including rotation, that would be an inventory of 48 towels. Each with purpose. It remains: don’t mess with them.