These Things Are True

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Note to the reader: I am going through a phase right now where my OCD is at an extreme. This ironically… well I don’t know if this is actually ironic… this is causing my brain to suffer in terms of writing about my OCD. Thus it is making the content of the blog, well, different. For now. But I’ll still write because I’ve decided I have to. If these articles don’t do much for you, there are about one hundred others—more in-depth and interesting—to the right. Until this passes, go along with my raw, simple, and short thoughts or read something more verbose in these past pieces… right… over there [points to the right].

• Good is an aberration, a construct. Bad is the baseline.

• There are forces working against you, life is a zero-sum game. There must be winners and losers. There are many dimensions of “winning” and “losing” across many areas of life. But they are all zero-sum.

• People are out to get you.

• Most things that are considered a “microcosm of life” are woefully lacking so many dimensions of life that if someone is living life in the fashion these things present themselves, they would be sociopaths.

• Nothing will ever fit perfectly. I do not mean just clothes.

• The reason bad things seem to happen all at once is partially your fault and partially because life works like a wave of pressure. All things are tied to waveforms in some fashion—but they are not predictable. Oh, the part about it being partially your fault? It is, unfortunately, the part of your brain that you do not control that is at fault.

• Money will always be hell no matter how much you have. Why? Because happiness is backed by money—which is a good thing. But we fucked it all up and did not agree on enough before letting the whole money system out into the world.

• Most communication is meaningless.

• There is a saying that goes “people do not owe you anything.” There are many variations of this, and we are taught this from others at every level of growing up into adulthood and even beyond. This is not true, people do owe you quite a bit. They just will not give it to you. Because they are assholes without regard to their ability to spend energy to help those around them.

• Failure is not the best learning tool, success is. Success, however, is fleeting. Failure is forever, until it is forgotten.

• You cannot calculate risk enough. You cannot imagine enough scenarios where things could go wrong. But you should try.

• The more time you spend at the beginning of a project organizing it, the better it will be. The less time you spend at the beginning of a project organizing it, the better it will be. The more time you spend at the beginning of a project organizing it, the less energy you will have to put into the project. The less time you spend at the beginning of a project organizing it, the more energy you will have to spend on fruitless stuff during the project. These things all contradict each other. There is no way around that. It is why things are ultimately unfulfilling.

• All things are ultimately unfulfilling.

• People are almost all good natured. Because they are told to be. Otherwise, they are not.

• Being tired is most often a symptom of the actions of others, the fear of others’ actions… or many times merely the existence of others.

• How fucked up a project becomes is directly proportional to the number of people involved (squared) multiplied by the amount of work each person did on said project. Time spent is not the figure to use in the latter half of this equation. Time spent on its own adds even more to the fucking up.

• Medication by any means solves a lot of problems.

• It is probably a lie. It probably does not matter.