This Is Where I Go on About Taking a Break

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I have so much I want to say, but I don’t fully know how much energy I should be spending to say it. I’ll let you in on the battle I have every few days- and have been in this battle for years now writing this blog. I feel the need to publish an article every four days. I feel this is necessary, but I don’t fully know if it is.

Everything in life is work to me. I am obsessed with work. While I’ve spent most of my life in the self-disciplined world of running my own businesses, I still look at work as a piece count. I look at complex problems as a mix of piece counts. Everything is simple, to me, when stripped down to component parts.

My blog has become somewhat of a piece count. I am thus proud of two parts of this whole project: the content in most (not all) of the articles. And the rate at which I am able to write articles that have meaning and are not throw-away filler.

But the key here is I have a pride in the rate at which I write. And who cares about the rate in which someone writes? I don’t know. I just know I am obsessed with it. Yeah, this is what happens when you have OCD and write about it.

I wish to be solely obsessed with the quality- not quantity- of what I write. But I come from a universe- that has been baked into me since I took my high school job in a grocery store far too seriously- that quantity is as important as quality.

This leaves me with a whole separate world of “I don’t know.”

I’ve recently changed the tone of my writing. You’ll see that in the most recent articles, as well as the ones queued up for the future.

But I need to take a break. I need to make sure that my attitude toward this blog is, well, right. I’d like to reevaluate my entire life, but for now I’ll stick with the blog.

It seems like a good time to do this over the holidays, as we move into a new decade and all. (So, I’ve made it to the 20’s, huh?)

You can still read all of my articles on OCD, there are hundreds. Click here!

I love communicating with readers, but I prefer email. It is just how I like to communicate. So converse with me here!

I wish I could explain what I am thinking. I want to change this blog for the better. But while I know how I can do this, it would involve putting more energy into certain things and less energy into other things.

I plan on getting back to this at the beginning of the new year. Subscribe so you can get updates when new articles begin flowing again.