Off for the Holiday, but I Still Offer! Some Things to Read…

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Whatever you think of this holiday (I honestly don’t think much of it, other than it is often—but not always—a break from people bothering me in terms of all the things I do in business) I hope it is a safe one mentally for you.

I think I’m going to take a break from writing until the day after Christmas.

But why not catch up on some stuff I wrote awhile back when getting this site started?

Like mentioned above, if you’re new here, you can click here and see what I consider the best articles to start with.

Or, here are some others that really give a good picture of what OCD and mental illness is like through my eyes. This may apply to others as well, but I can only speak for me:

One Thing

The Destination and the Journey

Emotional Minimalism: An Introduction

Is Mental Illness Fair?

The Omnipresent Lack of Reason in What I Feel