A Letter to Myself on the Subject of Sleep

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Sleep should not be a form of punishment. When sleep is punishing you, it is clear you’ve gone too far with expending your energy into things not worth your while. Fighting off sleep in the middle of the day is a misplaced exercise, one where you should be placing the fight against the forces working against you. These forces are most often people, but they can be entities in your brain. Your lust for money and achieving safety to the extreme is backfiring, and it is doing do by pushing sleep into you. At this point, it is most likely best for you to figure out what these forces are, why they are there, and take action in the form of fight or flight. Either of these will work.

Guilt about sleep is a terrible feeling to have, and you shouldn’t have such feelings. If you’re feeling guilty about sleep, you are most likely letting external things depress you. Oh, this part isn’t easy, but I don’t think I’ve let on that any of this will be easy. The best way out of this situation is to assert yourself and get what you need. If you can’t, reevaluate the need and if you can do without this thing. It is the lack of this thing that is depressing you. Your body is using sleep to avoid all of this. Get up and do something assertive.

Something. That is key. Because most likely you’re in a fog and don’t know what is and is not hurting you. I bet you have an idea, though. You may be wrong. Chances are you think you’re wrong, that is for sure. Drop that thought and assert. Just once. Maybe twice.

You’ve come this far to finally realize that three in the morning and for quite a period of time after that is when you’re at your best mentally. Everyone else is sleeping. It is best that you’re not. However, do not fall into the trap you’ve always fallen into when you’re riding the energy to be able to be productive at this time of day—overwork. Work is for money. Money is finite and should zero out at some point. That is to say, you should be very clear with your goals in terms of making a certain amount of money for the work you do. You often don’t do this.

Your energy is as finite as money. All of it can be counted. Make sure you’re trading on a level plane. Indeed, the future is unknown, and there is nothing wrong with chasing the unknown when it comes to money. But you’ll know when you’re overworking yourself when it’s too late—the pains in your chest will already be there. You don’t have medication for this. But you can trace your steps back to see how you got to the state of overwork. Don’t do it next time.

Sleep does not need to be pleasurable. Some people think it is, and it is for them. You don’t have to think that way. There is nothing wrong with not sleeping a lot, and sleeping only for the purposes of human need. You should be doing this, and you know you should be getting no less than six hours and no more than eight hours of sleep. You’ve got that number down. So do that.

You find your pleasure outside of sleep. That is good for you. But it must not be punishment, and you must not feel guilty. You are you in all of this. You are the only you.

Do thusly.