This Blog Does Not Need to Be Perfect, It Is About My OCD

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Note to the reader: I am going through a phase right now where my OCD is at an extreme. This ironically… well I don’t know if this is actually ironic… this is causing my brain to suffer in terms of writing about my OCD. Thus it is making the content of the blog, well, different. For now. But I’ll still write because I’ve decided I have to. If these articles don’t do much for you, there are about one hundred others—more in-depth and interesting—to the right. Until this passes, go along with my raw, simple, and short thoughts or read something more verbose in these past pieces over there [points to the right].

Right now my life is hell. A lot of peoples’ lives are hell, many worse than mine for sure. But inside my brain—this is all hell.

It will probably pass. It usually does.

I am not comfortable and something is lacking.

This most likely has to do with OCD. Everything does, in the end.

Something is lacking and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

Not just in my life, otherwise I’d just be writing this for my own notes. Oh, notes—I have notes. Files and files of notes. My brain outputs, Notepad accepts.

No, I’m not communicating what I want to communicate. Both here, and between the things that connect in my brain.

I’m not communicating with myself very well.

But something is lacking, all around. And that is all.

There’s just about one-hundred thousand other words to read here but these. These… they’re not helping.

That’s really all.

For now. I don’t know, I assume things will change by the time I’ve… Oh, I don’t know… why would I assume things about something my brain is controlling?

Anyway, this is me.