I Would like to Change the Focus of This Blog

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I’ve written 246 articles since starting this blog. I can foresee my obsession with needing to have enough articles in the queue to move me through times of writers block (which very rarely happens, but you know—obsession) getting me to an even 250 very soon.

The subject of this blog so far has just been… me. Just me. I imagine the number of times I’ve used the term “you” is minuscule compared to the terms “I” and “my.” Which is fine, I want you to know my OCD, my atypical OCD, my distinctive way I go about battling with it.

I’ve considered repeating subjects because who wants to go through about 250 articles to find the ones they may relate to? Rather, most just read the most recent or the few I feature in my oft-neglected all Yeah OCD articles page.

I don’t know quite what I want to do. I tend to shy away from offering help to readers, as I am not a doctor and only know of my own circumstances. It is for this reason I abhor the “self help” universe. All good intentions, all personal journeys that don’t generally apply to others. My “self help” has always been that—for me, by me, done in silence.

I’ve worked to bring my OCD down from about a 9/10 to a 3/10. I’ve worked to bring my anxiety issues down from a very clear 10/10 to about the same—3/10.

How have I done this? Well, that could easily get me to 350-400 articles if article count is the most important thing (and it is important. Though I don’t know how I feel about it being important, but I am not writing this for just me.)

I’m curious what you think. I don’t have comments enabled on this blog because I don’t feel like moderating. I’ve done enough forum moderation in my life. But you can contact me, and I always carry out dialog with those that do.

So my gut is that I need to shift the focus away from me to be more general for you, the reader. But all the many people who read this blog are all different! So who am I to speak to them—much less for them?

I have other ideas as well.

I don’t know.

I have a sense I should shift direction. That is all.

I’m open.