A List. Of Things. To Do.

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Speaking to myself in the second person. Because that is necessary. First person doesn’t work. I won’t listen, it is a thing. I don’t even know how to categorize this one. It is my brain talking to me- or how I wish it would talk to me, and how I wish I would act upon such. It’ll count for an “ongoing OCD episode.”

To do!

• Stop people from walking all over you.

• Have a “Fuck It” attitude when necessary.1

• And know it is necessary more often than you think

• Keep doing good.

• Do that better.

• Quit believing in signs.

• Believe in signs.

• Fucking listen, even if just for the sake of it.

• Stop projecting the past on the present.

• Learn to say “no.”2

• You complain about the same fucking things. Do something—about them?

• Stop with the fucking money bullshit.

• You have enough, you don’t have enough, you don’t know.

• Fucking go enjoy something.

• Read your notes.

• Do what your notes tell you to do.

• Quit trying so hard.

• No, seriously don’t skip that one—quit trying so hard.

• Don’t run this article through a grammar checker. You can start there.

• Quit sleeping when you’re anxious, you tried quite a few times, the world didn’t go away.

• Don’t stop obsessing, you got that to work.

• Remember that happy feeling? No, you don’t because you don’t classify stuff as “happy.”

• Stop taking control… all the time.

• The research you’ve done on happiness—go with some of that.

• Don’t stop ignoring self-help bullshit.

• Do even more good.3

• Keep thinking the way you think—it works.

• You want to keep your insane schedule? Have a color for “unrealistic.”

• Quit being afraid of people you do not need to be afraid of. What is the worst they can do?

• Don’t answer that last question. Do the first part.

• Quit trying so hard.

• Quit trying so hard.

• Quit trying so hard.

• Quit trying so hard.

• Note the impossibility of this list. Note how you’ve tackled worse.


1 Title caps are intentional.  [BACK]

2 Then once you’ve learned, say it. Often.  [BACK]

3 Hi! Keep doing that.  [BACK]