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Had enough of Yeah OCD? Me too. Here are some OCD blogs and resources. I don’t know most of them yet, but I’ll consider them friends anyway.

I’ve found it difficult to find good resources for OCD on the Internet, it is not the most- well- popular mental illness. So I’ve done some work for you. (Remember, I have obsessive compulsive disorder!)

Want to be included on this page? Know of other good resources I have missed? Contact Me. I’m focused on OCD… but am willing to put resources for things such as bi-polar, anxiety, depression, mental health, psychiatry, PTSD, or anything else in that realm.

So here are some of my friends, have a delightful time on their sites:

Everyone should read this site. Everyone:
The Mighty

OCD resources and blogs:
International OCD Foundation
OCD Types
The Secret Illness
Ellen’s OCD Blog
OCD Talk
Building Beyond Me
The OCD Stories
You Have OCD
The OCD Diaries
Exposing OCD
The OCD Mormon
Alison Dotson
Hannah Thoughts
Intrusive Thoughts
Glowing OCD Brain
Paul Greene, Ph.D.
OCD Youth
OCD: Invisible and Underdiagnosed
Overcoming OCD
OCD to the Nth Degree
FeedSpot’s List of OCD Blogs
The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive
The OCD Zine
MS & OCD: A Traveller’s Guide
The OCD Chronicles
The Sane Blog
Psych Central (Anxiety & OCD)
OCD Therapist Blog
Megan Has OCD
My OCD Diary
OCD Ireland
My OCD Voice

OCD programs and clinics:
Rogers Behavioral Health OCD
Houston OCD Program
Louisville OCD Clinic
OCD Specialists
The OCD and Anxiety Center of Baltimore
Australia Counselling
Romana Bowd Psychology
Online Counselling Programs

Other great non-OCD resources and blogs:
Resources to Recover
Mental Health Blog (Note: nice domain!)
Overcoming Anxiety Blog
Healing By Educating
Pushing Back The Shadows
Cardiff Mental Health
Mental Health News
Mario Castelli
Push Doctor
Alternative Education (UK)
Purple Persuasion
My Life with PTSD & Bipolar
Stigma Fighters
End The Stigma Today
Blurt It Out
Breaking The Stigma
Hyperbole and a Half
Rethink Mental Illness
To Write Love on Her Arms
Karlyle Tomms
Healthy Place
Healthy Place
Time To Change
Mental Illness Talk
The Mental Blocks
Psych Central
National Elf Service
Mind.org (UK)
Student Minds
Anxiety Guru
Love and Life Toolbox
What I Be Project
We’re All Mad Here
Let’s Talk About Mental Health
The Span of My Hips
PSY Blog
Dior Vargas
Mind Share
Stigma Stops With Us
A Suicide Survivor
Mentally Empowered
Stop, Look, Love Yourself
Disability News Online
Mental Health Australia
Finding Hope (UK)
GROUP (Podcast)
A Beautiful Mind 4 Me
Hello Sarah Lou!
Pen of Truth
Recovery: Travel the Recovery Journey