About Yeah OCD

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First and foremost, and I’m mentioning this on two pages for a reason: I can only speak to my own experiences with OCD and other mental illnesses I have in full or partially. I don’t claim to speak for everyone with the mental health issues they have. I do both empathize with everyone with these issues, as well I do a lot of research about these issues. But this site is from my own mind first, with medical research coming second. Why? Because this is not a medical site. It is much more than that. So explore OCD and more! (It’s like I’m selling something here… sheesh!)

Moving on…

This site is primarily about me, your author, and my struggle with OCD. I have a strange type of OCD, and the plan is to let this selfishly be a catharsis for a lot of that. That’s all well and good, and my hopes are that my stories are of interest to you- seeing the world through the eyes of someone who’s not good at seeing the world through his own brain. You may be enlightened by such.

But beyond that, it is very important to note that a lot of this site is about mental illness in general. Sometimes through the lens of my OCD and others’ OCD, but sometimes completely apart from OCD at all.

Mental illness is a subject that is uncomfortable to many, even though a pretty good percentage of people are close to those with mental illness. Not enough can be said about mental illness because it is a medical condition- unlike most any other condition- that affects the sufferer’s whole being. Not just their livelihood, like many diseases, but their being. And that solidified term will be brought to expanse with this site, through pretty much my personal experiences (and maybe others’).

Why so anecdotal and not scientific? (For starters, an aside- I dislike that the very definition of “anecdotal” suggests unreliability or potential lack of fact.) This isn’t about the science of mental illness, it is about the experience of and with it.

An important thing to note about my OCD that I must work beyond to merely keep this site going is I am paralyzed by perfection in organization and presentation. So if mistakes are made and things are not perfect, they’re killing me a lot more than they’re killing you. To make this site absolutely right would be to not start it and keep it going at all.

I may edit articles after I post them, I don’t know. I’m flying blind here. I’ve never really told my stories to their fullest extent to anyone but those extremely close to me (and that is a very, very few people.)

But I’ve been moving through something for forty plus years, and that something isn’t talked much about to my satisfaction. So, to put it bluntly- I’ll do it.

I welcome anyone to send me a message through Facebook. I’m probably not going to open up comments for awhile.