Twenty-Five Things I Do Not like About Those Without OCD

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OR: Things I Am Jealous of About People Without OCD

OCD can be funny. My OCD is atypical. I like you. I just don’t like everything about you. I’m not a jealous person, really. I just sometimes fantasize about a life without OCD. Rarely, if you must know. I know my disorder is here to stay. But alas, those without OCD… these… things…

1. Not believing in omens

2. Losing things 1

3. Your ability to live in the moment

4. A nonchalant view of label makers

5. Going to a store without a complete list

6. Problems not festering to the point of needing an immediate solution

7. Not understanding everything should be rotated first out, first back in 2

8. Whatever eventualities you’re thinking of when making a decision, because it clearly isn’t nearly every single one

9. Not needing one of everything in every room

10. Inconsistent capitalization on folders and files on your computer 3

11. Conversation without a goal to achieve (as an individual or together)

12. Not having a day of the week4 for doing all rote chores

13. Sleeping in for comfort and not because of anxiety

14. Being able to somehow watch a movie starting in the middle 5

15. Having a “junk drawer”

16. Possessing one brain—with only one voice—which observes, processes, and dictates your life

17. Eclectic, anything

18. Having more than two places for clothes in any state

19. The ability to be truly happy, if only for a short while

20. A disregard for the utmost importance of the gift of containers

21. Your ability to live in the moment

22. Your ability to live in the moment

23. Your ability to live in the moment

24. Your ability to live in the moment

25. Your ability to live in the moment 6


1 How?  [BACK]

2 It is how things get used evenly!  [BACK]

3 Actually, your whole computer.  [BACK]

4 Or a few!  [BACK]

5 Seriously, someone put these moving pictures in order for a specific reason.  [BACK]

6 This isn’t a trick to get to twenty-five. Sadly, living in the moment is the one thing I am truly—joking aside—jealous of. 6B  [BACK]

6B Ok, it is also a trick to get to twenty-five. Point still stands though.  [BACK]