A Holiday Break from the Action

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Boy do I hate when any phrase starts with the words “a holiday…”

I’m taking a break because you’re probably taking a break. If you do care to know, I am actually working simultaneously on a project with my writings on OCD. More on that way down the road. But with less people bothering me, as the holidays provide whether I like it or not, I am re-focusing on a lot of personal projects.

I’m reassessing a lot of things, as evidenced by the previous so many articles.

Which, as you can see up there in the navigation bar, are all available here. So it isn’t like there aren’t things to read here! None of it is specific to a period of time, I imagine the earlier works are just as relevant as the later ones.

Oh, this reminds me… I’m interested in which resonate the most. Contact me and tell me what you think.

When will I be back? Not sure. Probably soon after Christmas.

I need to write a cache of articles to queue up. That is how I work, I generally like to have twenty days worth of articles ready to go. Because my mood can go bad at any point, and if I wrote tracking my moods… things would get awfully repetitive.


A major focus right now.

Think about it yourself.