About The Author

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First and foremost, and I’m mentioning this on two pages for a reason: I can only speak to my own experiences with OCD and other mental illnesses I have in full or partially. I don’t claim to speak for everyone with the mental health issues they have. I do both empathize with everyone with these issues, as well I do a lot of research about these issues. But this site is from my own mind first, with medical research coming second. Why? Because this is not a medical site. It is much more than that. So explore OCD and more! (It’s like I’m selling something here… sheesh!)

Moving on…

I am and have been many things in life. In fact I’ve lived, what I consider, many lifetimes. I am an artist, a writer, a full-stack computer engineer, an successful and not-successful entrepreneur. I’ve always worked for myself, as I don’t play well with others. But I’m also extremely friendly- and the sincere type of friendly.

I have OCD. The category on this site titled “Things to Read First” will give you the best picture of all of that. It is not OCD like you probably picture it.

I have lived most every type of life, and I have been in most every life situation. I am not a sage, I am just a person who has been through extreme highs and extreme lows. I have had a good amount of money for periods of times, I have lost everything (and I mean everything) at times. I’ve been in great relationships, I’ve been in abusive relationships. I’ve had addiction issues, and worked past them quickly. I move extremely quick, but I am also excessively deliberate.

I pretty much don’t trust anyone. Which makes sense, we live in a society where people like to screw other people. No idea why, just something people like to do. Actually I do have ideas why. I have ideas on every fucking thing.

I’m by far not a bitter person, I’ve been through enough to realize that’s a quite silly place to be. I don’t know much from happiness, that is something I work all day towards though. I most likely have Anhedonia (look it up), at least partially.

While not being bitter, I must say I do not like the world. I am pretty much convinced I am not meant for this world. No, I am not suicidal- I’m here for a reason, I just don’t think I’m meant to know that reason.

I don’t answer the question “do you believe in god?” in great length. And, for my own personal reasons, and so this site does not get off track, none of that shit comes into play in my life (nor will it on this site.)

This section- about me- may change often. But that is it for now. This site is primarily about my experiences, so really the whole site is “About the Author,” no?

NOTE: I am not a doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist. Nothing on this site is intended to be medical advice at all. If you think it is supposed to be, well then, you’re silly.