Sometimes You Just Need to Make It Through the Week

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There is no cure for the waves. The—as they say in the investment world—corrections. The inevitable down just because things were up recently. All one can do is make it to the end of the week. That is a perfectly fine goal. To just be there on this arbitrary day… probably a Friday, though it could be any of the seven days.

Just be there. That’s it. That’s enough. That is an accomplishment, no matter what those who boast greater accomplishments think. They are, after all, boasting. You’re not, I’m not. There is nothing to boast about and that’s fine. We never needed to anyway.

Things didn’t get done as planned? So what?

Things didn’t go as planned? Why a plan anyway?

Tired? Inevitably.

Maybe things will get better, maybe it’ll be another week of this. The chemicals in your brain do not know of the Gregorian Calendar. I supposed we have to know of these “days” in what we call “everyday life.” I do.

But mood… that can’t be steered. It can be observed. And observation helps change things. But only a little. Mood can’t be steered.

So just make it. Just be there. Just be here. That’s all.


These things exist. They are the result of the building blocks of all of life and the universe. Bigger than you. We may think they aren’t because the ones affecting us are packed tightly into our brains. But it is all just star stuff.

You don’t have to think or take in wise thoughts to fix all of this for next week.

You just need to be there. That is the only real important task.

Just be there.

Always work to just be there.

The rest…