A Complete Shift in Life and Blog Focus, Ongoing

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I’ve spent an inordinately and necessary percentage of every hour of the past five years focusing on my OCD. My Pure-O OCD, the underlying and symptomatic anxiety, the rituals both outward and inward, the lists of solutions mostly crossed out for different solutions.

I have not solved my OCD. It is, however, in a much different place than five years ago. It is in a much different place than five months ago. However I’ve come to notice that it is in the similar and good place it was five weeks ago. And with anything involving mental health—weeks are a long enough measure for both the positive and negative. It doesn’t help much to dwell beyond weeks backwards or forwards.

So I need to shift the focus of this site. As I need to shift the focus of my entire life. The former being easier and more interesting to you, the reader, anyway.

Medication has helped tremendously. I need to say that, so why not as a (somewhat) non sequitur? Medication isn’t everything though.

This blog remains, however. It was purposely written evergreen. Many of the articles make me cringe, but they are all still relevant in some way. And I do not wish to edit any further than I have while writing each article.

The next step is to compile all of my experiences into a book. That is being worked on now. (And if you’re interested from any aspect get in touch with me.)

I no longer wish to write about my OCD as a problem. I wish to shift into discussing solutions. But I need to find the right voice. I do not way to write self-help manuals. That is not my calling.

Heck, writing about mental health is not my calling. I am a painter, photographer, fiction writer, and so on. That is my calling. This… this here… just… happened. And it remains! But it remains as-is for now.

I’d like to next compile the best of this blog, but in the meantime, you can see all the articles to date—all still relevant to the world of OCD—here.

I may not have a front-page article for awhile. I need to… think… about all of this. All Of This.

Things are good. Things are really good. But they weren’t for so long.