As I Chart The Universe Inside My Head.

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On of the benefits of my OCD is that I am fascinated with, and thus obsessed with creating charts. I wish for everything in life to be a chart of spreadsheet. (I often find myself in situations with others half-subconsciously trying to make that my mission- to convert others over to this way of thinking.)

But regardless of others, there’s me. And, well, I am me so we’ll just focus on that.

This chart here is the work of a overabundance(?) of notes and sketches before it. It is what guides me, though you’ll discover I’m not at all perfect at adhering to it.

Again, for the sale of organization, I am laying the foundation here for what will branch into discussion on the specifics of my OCD later. But these things are important now.

I hope the rest below is self-explanatory. But with my verbosity, I am pretty fucking sure I’m going to explain it ad nauseum down the road. Ok stop now, let the image do the talking.

(Click to enlarge, which is really the only way you can read it, no?)